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The location of the accomodation and throwing field is:

St Davids College, Llandudno, North Wales LL30 1RP, Great Britain

Accommodation and all meals will be included as part of the package.

The accomodation is on its own site a short 3 km drive from the holiday town of LLandudno


Breakfast is served from 7.30am in the main canteen

A variety of cold meats and pastries and fruit and cereals.

Tea and Coffee


Lunch Friday/Sat/Sunday

Will be served at approx 13:00 in the main canteen

A mixture of hot meals to suit


Evening Meals Friday/Saturday and Sunday

A selection of vegetarian and meat dishes

Sunday is the prize giving ceremony

Beer & Wine is included on Sunday


You will have to visit the local supermarket to buy some!

The field refreshments

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It's near the sea

You can park your car

All meals included

Room to throw in 7 circles. Some are near some trees but we expect the wind will come form the West over a low hedge

Walk from the accomodation to the field past statues in the garden

Sleep in shared rooms. It looks like Norway have checked in, already

You can see the accomodation from the field


Eat, drink and socialise in the canteen area


You must use the port -a -loos provided. No going in the hedge !

We invite all participants to use the accommodation provided. This is because the organisers have a single fixed cost and wish to share it amongst all the visitors to keep costs low for each visitor.

Accommodation will be in shared dormitories and of course we will try to accommodate you with your friends and family.


Unless invited please do not arrive at the homes of the organisers. Of course would love to see you but we may be rather busy and have full houses already! Thanks for your understanding.