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The cost includes:

  •  5 nights’ accommodation

  • All meals and sandwiches from Wednesday evening until Monday breakfast (14 meals / sandwiches on the field)

  • T-Shirt

  • Throwing field

  • Prizes

  • Extras if we have spare funds ...



We had hoped to run the event for a lot less but the owners of the school changed the plan and made a large increase, almost doubling our price.  We have to pay a fixed cost for the 5 nights, so it is not like a hotel where you can choose the number of nights. Therefore we invite you for whole event and hope you can have a great time. For instance, if you bring non throwers, or people don’t want to throw in long distance event, we hope they can take advantage of a holiday because it is a beautiful area for tourism.  



Of course, we are not trying to make a profit from you and want to make it as good as we can!



Pricing is now confirmed:


Adult Throwers £250 GBP per person

Children and Non throwers £180 GBP