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• Fast Ranges ( 20,30,40,50-50,40,30,20)  




This is another speed game like team fast catch, except with a few changes and the minimum range changes up to 50m and then back down to 20m


The team has to make a succession of catches for boomerangs that go different distances.  


Every boomerang that is thrown must be returned to the middle, or a team member holding the boomerang ‘tags’ the middle, before the next throw. You cannot catch your own throw.  If the throw is dropped or is short the same distance of throw must be repeated – by the same team member until a successful catch. Teams choose their throwing order, and each thrower can choose the distance they throw for the team. Members can throw a bigger distance if they want – so long as it makes minimum range.



To help, imagine a team made up of Martin, Heinz-Willi, Jay, HG Hoffman, Sean, Jens, Andrea and Jonas   (any similarities with actual people are entirely co-incidental). Notice the team throws in their own order for this game


Andrea throws with a 20m boomerang and Sean catches it.


The next thrower (Jens) makes a 30m throw and keeps going until it is caught by his team.  Then the third thrower (Jay) makes a 40m throw, and the fourth thrower D (HG Hoffman) throws 50m.


Now we throw 50m again with a new thrower (Sean).


Then 40m (Heinz-Willi), 30m (Martin) and finally 20m (Jonas).


When all catches are successful, stop the clock!  Repeat 2 times and take the fastest time.




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