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 Trick Golf (Minimum Range 20m)

AIM: Complete the ‘singles’ trick catches in a minimum number of throws.  


This is like golf because getting the catch is like getting the ball in the hole, and you try and get it with as few attempts as possible, so the team with the lowest score wins. Each of the trick catches is attempted in succession. Each team member makes a throw – one at a time, in order. The rest of the team try to make the required trick catch – but you cannot catch your own throw.


More detail ...


Imagine a team made up of Martin, Heinz-Willi, Jay, HG Hoffman, Sean, Jens, Andrea and Jonas   (any similarities with actual people are entirely co-incidental).


For instance:


The first thrower (Martin) throws and the team attempts to make a ‘Left hand clean’ catch.  If the team catch it first time, the score is ‘1’ (like a hole in 1 for golf), and the game proceeds to the next thrower in that team (Heinz-Willi) and the next catch – ‘right hand clean’


If the team catch  a ‘right hand clean’ on the first attempt – that’s another ‘hole in one’ and their total score goes up to 1+1 =2.


If the team do not make a ‘right hand clean’, the 3rd team member (Jay) must throw and the team try the ‘right  hand clean’ again. If they catch the 2nd attempt at ‘right hand clean’, then the team scores 2 for that catch, because it took 2 goes and their total score goes up to 1+2 =3


If the team fail to catch on the second attempt the next team member will have a third and final attempt for the team to make ‘right  hand clean’.  If they catch it then they score 3  and their total is 1+3 =4.  


If they fail on the 3rd attempt to get right  hand clean, they do not have another attempt and score 4 points for making 3 drops.  Total score is now 1+4 = 5


Then the next thrower from the same team makes the next throw and the team attempts ‘two hand behind the back’ and scores either 1,2,3, or 4 depending on how many attempts the team  make to catch it.  

All the trick catches are tried, so it’s like a golf course with 10 holes.


For the whole round, a perfect score is 10 for the whole set of catches all caught first time. The worst score is 40 if you drop everything 3 times.  A sample score sheet for the catches up to Hackey looks like this.


golf score golf pic