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We have selected 4 games which we feel will be Fun Fast and Fair to play.  

We hope to test the traditional skills of MTA, fast catching, trick catching and range up to 50m.  Accuracy is not recorded – but being accurate gives speed.  


The games are:


•Team MTA      •Team Fast Catch    •Trick Golf      •Fast Ranges ( 20,30,40,50-50,40,30,20)

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• Team MTA (Minimum range: none)  

AIM: To have the greatest boomerang flight time total for the team and catch the boomerang if possible.

A point is awarded for each second of flight, plus a bonus for a catch anywhere on the field.  If the boomerang is caught by the boomerang’s thrower, then this bonus is 10 points . If it is caught by another member of their team the bonus is only 5 points. If the boomerang is dropped, flight time still counts!


Team Fast Catch (Minimum range: 20M)  

Aim: for the team to complete 10 catches as quickly as possible.  

Each thrower must throw in turn in a set order.  Any team member can catch the boomerang, except the thrower.  The boomerang must make the 20m line and be brought back to the centre circle or the person holding it must ‘tag’ the centre circle.  Once the boomerang is returned to the centre the next thrower can make their throw.  The time stops when the 10th catch is made and the boomerang is returned. Repeat 2 times, and record the best team time.  The fastest time wins.


• Trick Golf (Minimum Range 20m)

AIM: Complete the ‘singles’ trick catches in a minimum number of throws.  

This is like golf because getting the catch is like getting the ball in the hole, and you try and get it with as few attempts as possible, so the team with the lowest score wins. Each of the trick catches is attempted up to 3 times in succession. Each team member makes a throw – one at a time, in order. The rest of the team try to make the required trick catch – but you cannot catch your own throw.  More detail here


• Fast Ranges ( 20,30,40,50-50,40,30,20)  

This is another speed game like team fast catch, except with a few changes and the minimum range changes from 20m up to 50m and then back down to 20m

The team has to make a succession of catches for boomerangs that go different distances.  The first throw  must go 20m .  The next must go 30m and so on.  Different throwers throw different ranges and you don't catch your own throw. Try and complete catches at all the ranges in the quickest time. More detail here


It's great fun - the BBS have being doing this for years - competing for the prized Ultimate Team Games trophy

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